About Asphalt Imprint

When looking for a different option for your driveway or walkway, consider Northeastern’s asphalt imprint.


What it is:

This is a decorative stamped asphalt, replicating the look of brick, random stone or cobblestone, or, as you can see in some of the photographs below, hand-etched duplications of your logo or design.  Once the imprinted pattern is installed, we apply an epoxy coating system specifically designed  to give your surface a multi-dimensional, enhanced-color pavement.  Many colors are available to choose from.



How long it lasts:

Imprinted asphalt lasts as long as your asphalt lasts!  As with a regular asphalt surface, there is some preventive maintenance involved in order to extend the length of it’s life.  In this case, rather than sealcoating the pavement, you would have it re-coated every few years.  The strength of the coloring product resists fading for that long, which is one of the things people love about it!  Another positive advantage of our product is that, unlike some stamped surfaces, you can choose to have the color changed over time.


The Difference between asphalt, brick, and concrete:

Northeastern’s imprinted asphalt is used as an alternative to brick pavers and stamped concrete.  Because we use asphalt, its flexibility deals better with weather extremes than do other bases.  Asphalt also generally installs more quickly than other options.  In addition, just as with a plain black asphalt base, weeds do not grow through it, so it makes a nice change from the constant upkeep involved when using real brick.


The Northeastern Difference:

We were the first in our area to offer imprinted asphalt.  We know what is effective and what is not, and, as with all our work, we treat your property with the care we would use on our own.  Photos of our installed designs have been featured in national magazines, and our work is continually used by manufacturers as examples of their product.