04 Mar 2011

Your Full Service Pavement Construction & Maintenance Provider

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Northeastern specializes in commercial/industrial pavement maintenance and construction.  We provide the following services:

New Parking Lot Site Construction:

* Design and Pavement utilization plan

* Site clearing of trees

* Site preparation

* Installation of drainage systems and detention ponds, involving all the latest storm water management specifications and technologies

* Parking lot lighting and security systems

* Paving

* Pavement marking design layout and installation –  per ADA requirements

* Landscaping – Green Areas

* Asphalt Imprinting – Creating the look of brick or stone in asphalt


Existing Parking Lot Rehabilitation:

* Milling of pavement – this Is the process of grinding a predetermined thickness of asphalt and removing from site.  These millings are then recycled as a new base or used in the manufacturing of new hot mix asphalt.

* Overlay Paving:  Paving new top asphalt over existing asphalt surface, usually 1 ½” – 2” thick.  Overlay paving includes:

– Repair defective pavement areas as needed

– Repair and fill cracked pavement

– Tack-coat pavement prior to overlay


Parking Lot Maintenance

Asphalt Repair Methods:

* Saw cut:  excavate bad pavement areas, install new subbase, base asphalt and top asphalt.  Thickness to be determined by existing site conditions and/or recommendation.

* Mill Repair:  mill pavement in need of repair and dispose of debris, tack coat area and reinstall new hot mix asphalt .

Note: All repair areas in parking lot should be crackfilled around perimeter of repair area with hot-pour rubberized joint compound.  This procedure insures a water-resistant seal to help prevent further damage due to the infiltration of moisture between the repair area and the existing asphalt.


Pavement Maintenance – The Protection of your Investment

* Joint and Crack repair – clean and fill with hot-pour rubberized joint compound

* Pavement Seal Coating

* Pavement Markings


Northeastern takes pride in bringing all of today’s latest technologies and methods to provide you with the most economical and long-lasting pavement project.

We are your one source for all size projects — from the smallest repair to large parking lot construction.

We provide:

– Pavement maintenance long range planning

– Capital budget forecasting

– Pavement analysis and management

We will provide you will all your pavement needs without the high consulting fees normally associated with these services






04 Mar 2011

Joint and Crack Repair

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What it is:

Just as we begin to age the day we are born, so, too, does your pavement begin to age as soon as it is installed.  Cracks and joints will start to appear at any time, and are a normal occurrence.  However, they do need to be addressed as soon as they appear, in order to avoid further damage from water infiltration.

How it is applied:

The joint compound is commercial grade hot-applied sealant.  All material is applied with computer-controlled mobile melter applicators, insuring the material is installed at proper application temperatures.

What we use:

At Northeastern, we use premium hot rubberized joint compound, that is melted and installed at approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  This hot compound forms a mechanical bond between the asphalt and the joint filler, preventing water penetration.
03 Mar 2011

About Asphalt Imprinting

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When looking for a different option for your driveway or walkway, consider Northeastern’s asphalt imprint.


What it is:

This is a decorative stamped asphalt, replicating the look of brick, random stone or cobblestone, or, as you can see in some of the photographs below, hand-etched duplications of your logo or design.  Once the imprinted pattern is installed, we apply an epoxy coating system specifically designed  to give your surface a multi-dimensional, enhanced-color pavement.  Many colors are available to choose from.



How long it lasts:

Imprinted asphalt lasts as long as your asphalt lasts!  As with a regular asphalt surface, there is some preventive maintenance involved in order to extend the length of it’s life.  In this case, rather than sealcoating the pavement, you would have it re-coated every few years.  The strength of the coloring product resists fading for that long, which is one of the things people love about it!  Another positive advantage of our product is that, unlike some stamped surfaces, you can choose to have the color changed over time.


The Difference between asphalt, brick, and concrete:

Northeastern’s imprinted asphalt is used as an alternative to brick pavers and stamped concrete.  Because we use asphalt, its flexibility deals better with weather extremes than do other bases.  Asphalt also generally installs more quickly than other options.  In addition, just as with a plain black asphalt base, weeds do not grow through it, so it makes a nice change from the constant upkeep involved when using real brick.


The Northeastern Difference:

We were the first in our area to offer imprinted asphalt.  We know what is effective and what is not, and, as with all our work, we treat your property with the care we would use on our own.  Photos of our installed designs have been featured in national magazines, and our work is continually used by manufacturers as examples of their product.





28 Feb 2011


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What it is:

Asphalt surfaces, because they are porous, can be damaged by a multitude of exterior factors. Sunlight, rain, oil or gas spills, road salts, sand, and general wear and tear – all can lead to the erosion and damage of roads, parking lots and driveways.  With sealcoating, the pavement is protected with a water-resistant surface, which acts as a barrier to the elements.  It helps to extend the life of the asphalt, saving you money, and gives your surface that rich, black, like-new appearance. Sealcoating is preventive maintenance – a necessity for protecting your investment.

How it is applied:

At Northeastern, we are able to sealcoat areas of any size.  We have the largest equipment in the northeast, including spray tanks and self-propelled squeegee machines, in order to expedite application.  From the large to the small, we have the right equipment for any size surface, and we pride ourselves on working neatly, quickly and efficiently to minimize your downtime.  We also are respectful of your customers.  When we do the work, we can assure you that we take great care to treat your property like it is our own.

What we use:

Since we are protecting your pavement, it is essential that we are careful in the products we choose to use.  All our products meet the latest NYS and federal government specifications, and, perhaps more importantly, meet our strict quality assurances.  We only use proven products, choosing sealcoating that will offer the most durable, long-lasting, skid-resistant protective surface available.

22 Jul 2010

Under Contruction

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We only use the finest products available, as quality is so important to us.  However, our website is currently under construction, so details will be posted at a later date.  If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us!