04 Mar 2011

Joint and Crack Repair

Joint Repair/Crack Fill No Comments
What it is:

Just as we begin to age the day we are born, so, too, does your pavement begin to age as soon as it is installed.  Cracks and joints will start to appear at any time, and are a normal occurrence.  However, they do need to be addressed as soon as they appear, in order to avoid further damage from water infiltration.

How it is applied:

The joint compound is commercial grade hot-applied sealant.  All material is applied with computer-controlled mobile melter applicators, insuring the material is installed at proper application temperatures.

What we use:

At Northeastern, we use premium hot rubberized joint compound, that is melted and installed at approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  This hot compound forms a mechanical bond between the asphalt and the joint filler, preventing water penetration.
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