04 Mar 2011

Your Full Service Pavement Construction & Maintenance Provider

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Northeastern specializes in commercial/industrial pavement maintenance and construction.  We provide the following services:

New Parking Lot Site Construction:

* Design and Pavement utilization plan

* Site clearing of trees

* Site preparation

* Installation of drainage systems and detention ponds, involving all the latest storm water management specifications and technologies

* Parking lot lighting and security systems

* Paving

* Pavement marking design layout and installation –  per ADA requirements

* Landscaping – Green Areas

* Asphalt Imprinting – Creating the look of brick or stone in asphalt


Existing Parking Lot Rehabilitation:

* Milling of pavement – this Is the process of grinding a predetermined thickness of asphalt and removing from site.  These millings are then recycled as a new base or used in the manufacturing of new hot mix asphalt.

* Overlay Paving:  Paving new top asphalt over existing asphalt surface, usually 1 ½” – 2” thick.  Overlay paving includes:

– Repair defective pavement areas as needed

– Repair and fill cracked pavement

– Tack-coat pavement prior to overlay


Parking Lot Maintenance

Asphalt Repair Methods:

* Saw cut:  excavate bad pavement areas, install new subbase, base asphalt and top asphalt.  Thickness to be determined by existing site conditions and/or recommendation.

* Mill Repair:  mill pavement in need of repair and dispose of debris, tack coat area and reinstall new hot mix asphalt .

Note: All repair areas in parking lot should be crackfilled around perimeter of repair area with hot-pour rubberized joint compound.  This procedure insures a water-resistant seal to help prevent further damage due to the infiltration of moisture between the repair area and the existing asphalt.


Pavement Maintenance – The Protection of your Investment

* Joint and Crack repair – clean and fill with hot-pour rubberized joint compound

* Pavement Seal Coating

* Pavement Markings


Northeastern takes pride in bringing all of today’s latest technologies and methods to provide you with the most economical and long-lasting pavement project.

We are your one source for all size projects — from the smallest repair to large parking lot construction.

We provide:

– Pavement maintenance long range planning

– Capital budget forecasting

– Pavement analysis and management

We will provide you will all your pavement needs without the high consulting fees normally associated with these services






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