28 Feb 2011


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What it is:

Asphalt surfaces, because they are porous, can be damaged by a multitude of exterior factors. Sunlight, rain, oil or gas spills, road salts, sand, and general wear and tear – all can lead to the erosion and damage of roads, parking lots and driveways.  With sealcoating, the pavement is protected with a water-resistant surface, which acts as a barrier to the elements.  It helps to extend the life of the asphalt, saving you money, and gives your surface that rich, black, like-new appearance. Sealcoating is preventive maintenance – a necessity for protecting your investment.

How it is applied:

At Northeastern, we are able to sealcoat areas of any size.  We have the largest equipment in the northeast, including spray tanks and self-propelled squeegee machines, in order to expedite application.  From the large to the small, we have the right equipment for any size surface, and we pride ourselves on working neatly, quickly and efficiently to minimize your downtime.  We also are respectful of your customers.  When we do the work, we can assure you that we take great care to treat your property like it is our own.

What we use:

Since we are protecting your pavement, it is essential that we are careful in the products we choose to use.  All our products meet the latest NYS and federal government specifications, and, perhaps more importantly, meet our strict quality assurances.  We only use proven products, choosing sealcoating that will offer the most durable, long-lasting, skid-resistant protective surface available.

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